Modern Javascript Tricks Every Developer Should Use

Javascript is one of the coolest and most used language out there. It has been few decades since the Javascript came into existence and we have seen a lot enhancement in javascript time to time. Over the period of time, lot of new cool features have been added into the Javascript. Javascript developer are so … Continue reading Modern Javascript Tricks Every Developer Should Use

Complete Application Deployment using Kubernetes

In this post, we will be deploying a complete end to end application using Kubernetes. We will see and discuss how the different components of Kubernetes compliment each other and make the application deployment process smooth. We will be using minikube to deploy our application on our local system. You can refer this link to … Continue reading Complete Application Deployment using Kubernetes

Lazy Initialization in Java8

We don't have any Lazy<T> initialisation functionality in Java as we have in other languages like Scala, C# etc. But don't worry in Java we can implement the same kind of functionality by leveraging the Lambda's and Functional interface. In this example to create the lazy evaluation we will use the Supplier<T> interface, although same … Continue reading Lazy Initialization in Java8